My name is Timothy Witherow, I am a commercial artist with a strong devotion for the entertainment & storytelling arena with a central focus on image development.

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My canvas for art is the formation and experience of life. As I walk down my path of life every day, I experience things that cause me to question everything down to the very foundation of my beliefs. An anthropological observation of human history will reveal a link between a culture’s moral beliefs / understanding of reality and the art that a civilization produces. As such, art is a reflection of society. Everything we experience in the outside world is a reflection of us, thus my artwork is a mirror that reflects what is inside of the observer. To question political agendas, information from media, social norms, and even our daily interactions with each other is the main theme behind the exploration of my work, and the expansion of my understanding of life. That expanded understanding will then be reflected in my work. Everything that we know needs to be questioned. I believe that my art invokes thought and creates a way to transport the viewer from a world of blinding reality to a place of personal reflection and thought. Through the body of my work I strive to move society to a greater resolution through inspiring others to begin questioning, and seeking answers from within.

Robert Rauschenberg found a way to contrive old discarded trash from the streets and transform that refuse into breathtaking, priceless, and inspiring pieces of art. One might say that he was an alchemist not only in the way he was able to transform garbage into rousing art but also in the way he could dredge up the mundane thoughts of his admirers and transform them into awe, inspiration, and extraordinary emotion. Fifty years later, technology has allowed for this magical transformation to be performed using digital media. All images that hold meaning and have a place on the “streets” of the internet eventually become discarded and forgotten. My digital canvas utilizes these discarded images to convey a message through the process of merging the found photographs to create a seamless composition. By performing this transformation, I can perhaps create a transformation in the minds of the viewers of my art from the currently infused rigid, limiting thought forms into an accepting environment open to infinite possibilities. 

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